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What winter could mean for your plumbing

It is currently november, and winter is about to go into full swing, which means one thing, it is going to be cold ! oh so very cold! As winter arrives the temperature is going to drop and the water coming out of your pipes in going to get colder. When it gets colder you [...]

Why you never want to use an unlicensed plumber

You should never hire an unlicensed plumber for your home. An unlicensed plumber can ruin your home and cause you lasting damage for many years down the road. If a unlicensed plumber works on your home and as a result substanial damages occur, the insurance company may refuse your claim for compensation. When you call [...]

How To Hire A Qualified Plumber

How To Hire A Qualified Plumber: Introduction Whether your pipes just burst and half your house is on the verge of flooding or a slow, unstoppable drip from a nearby faucet is keeping you awake at night, it's important to know how to hire a qualified plumber. If you call the wrong one in an [...]

DIY: Repairing Bathrooms, Plumbing and Faucets

Because water bills are typically calculated based on the amount of water you actually use rather than a standard rate every month, leaks and running pipes can cause buckets of money to literally go down the drain. If you want to save the money and hassle of contracting out the work to a repairman, then [...]

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