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Make your own All-Natural Bathroom Cleaner

DIY Bathroom Cleaner Homemade and All-Natural. (Photo Credits) While bathroom cleansers have to be strong enough to kill germs, it should not be so strong that it can pollute the air in the bathroom and cause damage to its fixtures. Plumbing Association of San Diego Remodelaholic has shared a great recipe for a homemade [...]

Great ways to quickly clean your sink

Cleaning a Sink Do not neglect the sink. (Photo Credits) If there is one thing in the house that helps everyone stay clean, it is the sink. But does the sink in turn get cleaned? OSHA Plumbers And while most sinks in most homes get regularly cleaned, not all look really clean because of [...]

Form and Function: Bathroom Tiles

Great looking Bathroom Tiles Bathroom tiles can make or break the look and design of your bathroom. The website Architecture and Design featured 55 stunning bathroom tiling ideas that could just look great in any bathroom space. “We strive to bring your design aspirations to reality. Our stunning range of porcelain & natural stone is [...]

Random Plumbing Stories

Stories on Plumbing All about plumbing. (Photo Credits)  Upcycling plumbing supplies could be a great way to fuel your passion or hobby. Off Grid Quest for instance featured a DIY Kayak made of plumbing supplies. Plumbing “Here's one man showing off his creativity with plumbing supplies. If you've ever gone into a kayak store [...]

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