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Plumber’s guide on foul-smelling tap water

Stinky water from the faucet How to deal with malodorous water coming from the tap. (Photo Credits) Foul smelling water coming from the tap can be nasty. It can even be stressful or alarming especially since it may denote impurities in the water, which may cause illnesses or skin damage. shared the different [...]

HVAC Expert’s take on the use of Space Heaters

Are Space Heaters Dangerous? The advantages and disadvantages of using space heaters. (Photo Credits) Space heaters can be very efficient when it comes to providing much needed warmth during an otherwise cold, cold winter. But are these contraptions a big help, or a huge risk? Winterizing the HVAC System The National Fire Protection Association [...]

Plumber’s Advice on Smelly Drains

Dealing with stinky drainage Drains can be stinky, and it could mean a bigger plumbing concern. (Photo Credits) Smelling something resembling a sewage but cannot pinpoint where the stink is coming from? It could probably be one of the drains? If it is it then, how should a homeowner deal with it? Family Handyman [...]

What to do with a humming HVAC

Dealing with HVAC Noises The HVAC Equipment can create random noises, and sometimes, even a continuous humming sound. (Photo Credits) A humming noise coming from the HVAC is not just annoying, it can also be an issue that merits the attention of the homeowner. So what does a humming HVAC mean? American Home Shield [...]

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