How to Extend your Bathroom Faucet


DIY Stuff you can do to extend your faucet. (Photo Credits)

When you have kids in the house, you may find the need to have a faucet with a longer reach so you would not have to lift them up every now and then for them to reach the faucet without over extending their tiny arms.

So what can you do?

Lifehacker India shared an idea. “How shall we make it? Take the lotion bottle and cut the main body in such a way that there is no bottom to it. Make sure that the mouth of the bottle is wide enough to have your faucet inserted in it. What now? Use the sandpaper to soften the edges of the bottle so that there is no risk of cuts or injuries. Now insert the bottle over the faucet in such a way that the mouth of the bottle fits right below the faucet from where the water would flow; it would then directly flow into your kids’ hands and they would not need to be picked up by you all the time for having their hands washed.” OSHA Plumbers

Take a look at the photo here.

Make it work

Plumbing Info  Another great hack that was published was this pool noodle hack featured over at

“This video by the Crazy Russian Hacker showcases some innovative ways of using a pool noodle. These fun noodles are very inexpensive and come at about $3 to $5 a pop and are available at most sporting goods stores. Some of the lifehacks such as making a dog bed using an old sweater and dispensing water from a tricky sink are very useful.”

Watch the video here.

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But what if you do not need to extend your faucet but you need to clean it from hard water stains?

The DIY Village shared an easy way to get rid of these stains. “ I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t taken care of this issue sooner, but I haven’t until now!  When we moved into our home I noticed the faucet handle on the master bath shower was gunky.  It’s one of those things you know you need to do but just don’t want to deal with.  I dreaded the idea of soaking the faucet handle in some type of cleaner that was going to stink and then still having to scrub.”

Read more here.

So do you have any faucet-related projects for your home?

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