How to Combat Kitchen Plumbing Emergencies

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What to do when faced with a plumbing emergency? (Photo Credits: Out of Ideas, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Plumbing emergencies usually happen in the kitchen. And why not? Food particles, grease, and what have you always end up in the kitchen sink. Emergency Plumber San Diego CA. So what can a helpless homeowner do while waiting for the friendly neighborhood plumber? shares ways on how to prevent kitchen plumbing issues. “If you feel as though you’re a little bit handy, you can climb up under the kitchen sink and there’s going to be this p-trap where you can loosen up fittings – make sure you have a bowl underneath the trap – where you pull down and release any clogs that happen within the trap. You can pull this off and clean it out right there.”

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Kitchen plumbing emergencies can certainly get worse. Take a look at this video uploaded in youtube by archieluxury, and see how bad could it get once kitchen drains get backed up. BDP Air Conditioner Service San Diego. The video may seem funny, but those who have been through something like this certainly know that backed up drains are no laughing matter. San diego Drain Cleaners

Emergency Plumber Chula Vista. Watch the video here. meantime shares tips on how to ensure that your home pipes will remain in good working condition especially during the winter season. BDP Plumber service Carlsbad “Winter’s freezing temperatures can affect pipes in your kitchen and bathrooms and near outer walls, in basements, attics, and crawl spaces. Add extra insulation to exposed pipes and open cabinet doors to enable warm air to reach enclosed pipes. If the weather is extremely cold, allow water to drip from both cold and hot faucets overnight to prevent pipes from freezing.” A/C And HVAC

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Regular maintenance, and being mindful of what goes down the drain helps a lot in keeping plumbing emergencies at bay. Plumbing. When all else fails leave the job to the professionals, and just make sure not to commit the same mistakes again.


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