San Diego is known for the many craft beers brewed within its county. As such it has played host to many craft beer tours, and tasting sessions that are enjoyed by both locals and tourists.

The website Serious Eats in fact named San Diego as the best beer city in the United States. “We’ve fared pretty well at the prestigious WBC competition as well. We’ve had World Champion Breweries (Ballast Point and Coronado Brewing) named in two of the last four competitions, and we claimed 14 of California’s 49 medals in 2016. We actually won more medals than the entire United Kingdom.” meantime came up with its own list of top craft breweries in San Diego. “From the big-name breweries to your buddy home-brewing in his garage, the craft beer pouring out of San Diego has been generating quite a buzz in more ways than one. We all have our favorite local breweries, but how do they rank according to science? Yes, science. The Thrillist Beer Appreciation Team (TBAT for short) developed a top-secret, patent-pending formula for ranking breweries (actually, it’s not that secret, get the details below). Weighing such factors as performances on RateBeer and Beer Advocate, beer competition medals, and other accolades, the formula declared these noble nine to be the finest breweries in San Diego.” Check out their list here.

Locale Magazine also has its own list, this time of the best craft breweries to visit when in San Diego, CA. Pacific Beach Alehouse is one of the craft breweries it mentioned on its list.  “The Alehouse brews eight signature beers on location, and also uses its own brews in many of the dressings, sauces, batters and even desserts.” This brewery is located at Grand Avenue, San Diego, California.

The San Diego Tourism Authority meanwhile came up with a guide on the breweries to visit in San Diego, CA. It also took pride in San Diego’s being the Craft Beer Capital of America. “Sampling these award-winning brews is best experienced at the source. And for the real craft brew enthusiasts who want to pull back the curtain and see where the magic happens, a brewery tour is a must. Many of the local breweries offer behind-the-scenes tours, where you have a chance to meet the brewers and learn about the process of making great beer, San Diego style. Guided tours, that leave the driving to someone else, are also a great way to experience San Diego’s craft beer scene.” Read the rest of the article here.

Touring local breweries is one of the best ways to explore what San Diego has to offer.

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Where to have the Best Craft Beer in San Diego