Reasons for having Low Water Pressure

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When the water pressure is low. (Photo Credits)

Low water pressure can be inconvenient especially for multi-level households. Once a homeowner encounters issues on low water pressure, a call to the plumber is definitely warranted given that this could be a clue of other plumbing issues that may already be taking place in the property.

UK-based website The Heating Engineer enumerated possible causes of low water pressure. OSHA Plumbers

“Low water pressure has a number of different causes. Sometimes it can be due to problems such as the shut-off valve being closed or a blocked tap. It may also be caused by plumbing blockages or water leaks.”

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Pressure or supply problem?

Canadian-based Anta Plumbing for its part shared a tip to its readers on how to decipher if the problem is indeed in the water pressure, or in the water supply. Plumbing Info

“If you’re unsure about whether you have a problem with your water pressure, or whether it is just generally low, it may be an idea to buy a water pressure measuring gauge from your hardware store. The average water pressure reading for a home’s water supply should be between 50-70 pounds per square inch (psi). Fixtures are made to sustain up to a maximum of 80 psi without sustaining damage, but if your pressure is below 50 psi, you may become pretty frustrated with your low water pressure.”

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Vanisle Water also shared some possible reasons for low water pressure.

“Debris, such as; sand, dirt and pollutants, can enter your home’s pipes when a water main fractures. Mineral deposits are a common problem in older homes with galvanized iron pipes. Deposits are normally located in horizontal pipes and are caused by hot water reacting with the metal. If the pipes in your home are old, they may have also become corroded, restricting the water flow.”

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The best thing for a property owner to do when encountering such issues is to get in touch with a licensed professional plumber.

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