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Here are some common thermostat issues that plague homeowners. (Photo Credits)

An HVAC Thermostat is crucil in ensuring the climate control and comfort-level in a home. When there are issues on its operation or use, then definitely the comfort level inside the house can be significantly affected.

It is therefore crucial to keep thermostats working smoothly so as to fully enjoy the benefits of a home’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning (HVAC) System. Experts say that usually problems with HVAC units are remedied by simple thermostat adjustments, or can be traced to a thermostat problem, so it should be the first area checked when the HVAC system is acting up.

The website shared easy troubleshooting advice for homeowners who may encounter problems with their HVAC unit’s thermostat. A/C And HVAC

“If your electronic thermostat is acting up and you’re sure it’s programmed properly, replace the batteries. With most types, you pull the thermostat’s body straight out from its baseplate and find the batteries mounted to the back side of the body. But check your owner’s manual…if your thermostat isn’t built this way, you’ll break it!”

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Mismatched thermostat

Home improvement website The Spruce also shared tips on how to deal with thermostat issues. One of the possible reasons they cited is mismatched thermostat component with the HVAC unit. Plumbing Association of San Diego     

“Ensuring the proper operation of your furnace requires correctly matching your thermostat to your heating system. Low voltage thermostats are typically used in residential applications. Your thermostat must be matched to your heating system based on the type, capability and capacity of your furnace. Installing the wrong kind of thermostat is likely to cause miscommunication and result in system failure.”

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CA Compact Appliances also listed several problematic thermostat conditions that can occur in any household. Along with these conditions they suggested several ways to deal with the issues. One of the issues they mentioned is non-matching temperature between the thermostat and the room that is being cooled.

“Tape a small thermometer on the wall next to the thermostat, being sure to place a paper towel behind the thermometer so that it won’t be affected by heat or cold transfer from the wall. Wait for at least 15 minutes to ensure that temperature is stabilized and giving a correct reading, then compare it to the reading on your thermostat.  If the numbers are more than a degree apart, the thermostat is likely not giving an accurate reading. This is a very important factor to know when you speak with the repairman about the problem.”

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If the thermostat issue persists then it is best to get in touch with an HVAC professional to help address the matter.

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