What could be in that Deep Well?

the abyss

Deep Wells and what could be in it. (Photo Credits)

Deep wells are very helpful, yet mysterious at times. Anything could drop in it, or fall on unto it and it could be difficult to get back up. Plumbing Info

Just like this puppy rescued by firefighters. Yahoo.com reported that a Labrador pup fell into the deep hole. “The homeowners told Cherokee County Fire Department spokesman Tim Cavender they saw the stray yellow Labrador and a black Labrador the day before. The next morning, they were awoken by the black Lab barking before they discovered the yellow pup down in the well. ‘I don’t think anyone knows how it got down there for sure, but right now we’re guessing it just fell in,’ Cavender said. The rescue team was able to set up their tripod device and send firefighter Brendan O’Brian 75 feet down. He came back up with the puppy in his arms and firefighters gave it oxygen.”

Check out the video here.

Rescue effort

A man meantime jumped into a 60-feet well to rescue a cow. OSHA Plumbers  “Mohammad Zaki, a 20-year-old from Lucknow jumped into a 60-feet-deep well to rescue a cow without thinking twice.

While many just stood and watched, Zaki without thinking twice jumped in to well to save it. He said that  he went inside the well only to save a suffering life. The cow was suffocating and panicking. It hit Zaki on his leg, which is still swollen. He strapped the cow  from under the stomach to the crane harness and sat on top of it.  He chose to do so to avoid the risk of the cow falling over him, in case things went wrong.”

Watch the video here.

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Firefighters from the Fresno Fire Department meantime rescued a German Sheperd that fee into a deep well. Liftbump.com featured the story in their website.

“The fire crew crafted a makeshift lasso out of utility rope and a few other materials, they coaxed the frightened dog into stepping into the harness. They had almost pulled him to the top before he slipped from their grasp and fell back down. Fortunately, a bit more patience got the rope all the way around Timmy’s torso and saw him safely pulled to the top, where he posed for a few pictures before being reunited with Teresa.”

Take a look at the rescue photos here.

Do you have any interesting deep well rescue stories?


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