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Commercial Properties and Households can save on HVAC utility costs. (Photo Credits)

HVAC bills can skyrocket, especially during extreme weather, but the good news is there are ways to help lower these bills. For instance there are simple devices available in the market today that can help manage utility costs specifically in heating and air conditioning. For commercial properties, there are systems that can be utilized to help manage operational costs.

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Programmable thermostats for instance are easy to use but some households just find it cumbersome to tinker with their device and program it once and for all. But the truth is, the time a homeowner spends in programming their thermostat is time well-spent as it will surely generate savings in operating the home HVAC system.

USA Today published a feature article on ways to lower HVAC bills and using a programmable thermostat is part of their tips. Plumbing Association of San Diego

Programmable thermostats cut energy usage by adjusting temperatures while you’re away or asleep. You can program them yourself or purchase one that slowly adapts to your temperature preferences. Some can even be set up with an app away from home. According to the Department of Energy, you can save up to 10% annually by adjusting your temperature by seven to ten degrees for eight hours a day. Programmable thermostats can automate the process.”

Read the feature report here.

More ways to save

Third-Party Service Ratings Website, Angie’s List also discussed ways to lower HVAC operational costs. One of the ways they mentioned was to install heavy drapes and curtains to keep off the sun during the summer, and the drafts during the winter. A/C And HVAC

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“Use curtains, blinds and drapes to help control temperatures. Window coverings can have a big effect on your home’s heating or cooling load. In cooler months, harness the sun’s free warmth by keeping curtains, blinds or drapes open on south-facing windows during the day to allow sunlight in. Close them at night to add an extra layer of insulation between the glass and your home interior. In the summer, keep window coverings closed during the day to reduce temperatures.”

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Building.com meanwhile shared ways to lower HVAC operating costs in commercial properties. Sensor systems is their top-most advice.

“Installing occupancy-based wireless thermostats. This can save 5-10% of HVAC energy costs if programmed to allow the HVAC system to reduce its operation when the building or zone is unoccupied.”

Read more here.

Lowering air conditioning and heating bills is not only beneficial to the household budget. It is also eco-friendly.

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