Garbage disposal problems

T. Plunging the sink

When ill-maintained, the kitchen garbage disposal can fail, and cause clogs in the plumbing system. (Photo Credits)

The kitchen garbage disposal is very helpful when it comes to every day kitchen use. But when not used in the right way, it can malfunction and cause plumbing problems. These plumbing issues can range from inconvenience, to something major like drain clogs and sink overflows.

It is best to observe the proper use of the garbage disposal so that it can last its whole lifespan, and at the same time, plumbing issues can be kept at bay. Wise Geek has identified some of the most common garbage disposal issues faced by households. In their write-up one of the issues they mentioned is a jammed unit. Plumbing Association of San Diego

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“A homeowner will know that a unit has a problem if it drains slowly, causing dirty water to flow back into the sink. People who feel confident in their plumbing skills might attempt to remedy the situation on their own. In general, the power should be turned off at the circuit breaker first. Then, the unit should be taken apart, exposing the jam or the clog.”

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Indisposed Garbage Disposal also rounded up the most common garbage disposal concerns facing homeowners. In their online article, they mentioned a leaking disposal as one of the top issues, and explained possible ways to troubleshoot the matter. A/C And HVAC 

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“If you notice leaks below the disposal from the pipes or, more likely, the pipe connections, pinpoint the source of the leak, and tighten the offending connection. If the disposal is leaking from where it goes through the sink, replace the drain gasket or the unit’s mounting screws.”

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Home management website also extensively discussed garbage disposal concerns. They also included in the article possible ways to work around the issues and how best to prevent these from occurring. One of the concerns they discussed in the article is the overheating of a garbage disposal unit.

“Overheating: If you flip the switch and your garbage disposal doesn’t even hum, then it’s probably overheated due to overfilling and has tripped itself off. The first step is to look under the unit and locate the red ?reset? button. If nothing happens once you push the button, then locate your circuit box and see if a breaker has been tripped.”

The rest of the discussion can be found in the original post here.

Garbage disposal units should be used in a more mindful manner to avoid garbage disposal issues.

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