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You use a faucet to get water to clean stuff, but have you ever gave it a though as to how to clean your own faucet?

Plumbing  Centsablemama.com shared how to clean hard water stains off a chrome faucet. “I just soaked a paper towel in distilled white vinegar, wrapped it around the worst area and let it sit for about 30 minutes.  Then, I used an old toothbrush to get in those hard to reach spots and get the gunk out. You can use the vinegar-soaked paper towel to clean the rest of the faucet that doesn’t need to soak since vinegar is perfect for getting rid of water spots.  This method also works great for getting that hard water crust from the bottom of the faucet where it meets the counter.”

Read the rest of the instructions here.

Hard water, not hard to clean.

The website Worthy Tales shared yet another technique on how to remove hard water stains on faucets. Plumbing Association of San Diego 

“Plenty of people who have had their faucets for a little while will have noticed them starting to look dingy. The dinginess often lingers regardless of how often the people in question clean the faucet, which may be a function of the manner in which they are cleaning it in the first place. In this video, people will learn how to clean their sinks and faucets in a way that is going to promote clarity and shininess, making the sink look like it is new again. Essentially, this trick just involves soaking the area in vinegar for a while and then wiping the hard water and calcium accumulation away with a sponge. The narration of the video comes with a solid demonstration, which should allow people to easily learn how to do this trick themselves.”

Watch the video here.

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The website Popsugar meantime shared how to keep your faucets shiny.

“For every sink there’s a faucet — but do you give it a good cleaning every time you wash your sink? Along with scouring the outside of your faucet, there are a few other spots that need a bit of attention, too. The next time you’re buffing your brushed nickel, take a few minutes to give the internals a deep cleaning sans any harsh chemicals.”

Check out the whole procedure here.

When was the last time you cleaned your faucet?


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