HVAC Systems Should be Inspected Too


What to check out before making the purchase decision. (Photo Credits)

When buying an older home it is best to consider everyday details that may have an impact on the convenience and ease in transferring to a new location.

HVAC System is one thing that is used day in and day out in any home, and it is important that it is in good running condition.

Apartment Therapy advises its readers about checking HVAC Fixtures before finally saying yes to the agent. Plumbing Association of San Diego

“Here’s a cautionary tale for you. During our home inspection, the inspector pointed out that our hot water heater was older and would need replacing “in a few years.” No problem, we thought. We have plenty of time after we move in and address other issues, we thought. Only, we thought wrong. The hot water heater, may it RIP, gave out for good two days after we moved into the house. One $700 trip to Lowe’s later and we had hot water once again, but we also learned a valuable lesson about factoring expenses for older home appliances into our budget. See also: our outdated HVAC, which we are replacing just over a year after buying the home for a cool (get it?) $6000.”

HVAC Air Filter Technology

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Check the HVAC System

It will be an expensive mistake to assume that all is well when it comes to the heating and ventilation system of an older home.

The Balance.com even went as far as suggesting that the HVAC System be checked if it already warrants an upgrade before finally buying the property. It can be a huge expense. A/C And HVAC    

“Apart from HVAC systems — I don’t know how those in hot climates get by without central air — trendy updates involve pricey kitchen and bath remodeling.”

 HVAC and Portable Heaters

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Homes.com meantime told its readers to expect that the energy efficiency of fixtures in an older home may be lower compared to that of newer models.

“Energy efficient windows are just one of the features that became standard after the first energy crises of 1970. Many very old houses that date before that era may not have added insulation, new windows and doors, energy efficient heating and cooling systems. If you’re considering an old house that needs upgrading to be energy efficient, most of the 30 percent tax credits for basic home repairs have expired.”

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If unsure about the current HVAC System of the older home one is planning to purchase, it may be best to consult a trusted and professional HVAC Contractor.

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