Why homeowners should note HVAC Odors

HVAC Odors

Different odors can emanate from HVAC Systems and homeowners should note unfamiliar odors and refer it to to a technician. (Photo Credits) Image by ElasticComputeFarm from Pixabay

Sometimes the home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system could produce weird odors. According to technicians, these odors usually clue in a homeowner or a technician of a possible problem that is brewing within the unit.

So what are the possible odors that could come from an HVAC Unit?

Home improvement website DoItYourself.com explains that usually unwanted odors emanating from the HVAC System are attributed to molds and mildew. In their article, they mentioned that the only way to avoid the stench is to regularly clean and maintain the home HVAC system. Plumbing Association of San Diego

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“If your air conditioner is beginning to smell, then it’s time to find and clear the source of the bad odor. Air conditioning odors usually come from mold and mildew that accumulate from condensation on the refrigerator coils, in a clogged drain pan or leak in the system. But, animals can also get in the unit and die, creating a really bad odor. You’ll need to check for both conditions before cleaning.”

Check out their suggested cleaning procedure here.

Weird odors

Reader’s Digest also tackled unwanted HVAC Odors. In one of their articles, they quoted a research work that found out what could be behind one of the most disgusting HVAC stenches a homeowner can encounter. A/C And HVAC

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“The study, led by Lai Ka-man, Ph.D., associate professor in HKBU’s Department of Biology, found that the flakes of skin we naturally shed get sucked into air conditioning units. Once there, the squames become “lunch” for bacteria living in the units. After the bacteria digest the skin proteins, they produce disgusting smells, including (1) ammonia, a urine-like odor; (2) volatile fatty acids, a B.O.-like smell.”

Take a look at the original discussion posted here.

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Homeguides SF Gate also extensively discussed odors in HVAC units. In their article, they decoded the various meanings of smells that HVAC systems can produce. With that, they also shared ways on how a homeowner can pinpoint where exactly the odor is emanating from within the whole HVAC system.

“The rest of the system can produce odors that may seem to come from the unit, but do not. Moisture and debris in the ducts are often the next best culprits for HVAC system odors. Decomposing rodents and decaying items like food dropped into the ducts through the floor vents is another source of odors. You can often pinpoint the location of the odor source by smell; the strongest scent is near the source of the odor. You may be able to look into the floor vent and remove the culprit.”

Read the full write-up here.

When unsure about the odors emanating from the HVAC System, it is always best to seek the services of an expert HVAC Technician.

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