Solar Powered Air Conditioning System

Solar Power Plant

Harnessing solar power to cool a home. (Photo Credits)

Solar power nowadays can be used for almost every electrical fixture or equipment inside the home. This is especially true when the specific property has already totally switched to solar energy for its power needs.

HVAC and Portable Heaters

But for homeowners who have yet to make the total switch, partially switching to solar-powered airconditioning can dramatically lower HVAC utility bills.

The website Homestead Survival shared how to make an off-the-grid air conditioning system. Plumbing Association of San Diego            

“Learn how you can have solar air conditioning even if you are off grid. The rise in utility prices and the campaign to save resources like electricity and gas has force people to adopt an off the grid (OTG) lifestyle. People who care about the environment and believe in green living also support the OTG lifestyle. OTG lifestyle is when you don’t depend on the support of a remote infrastructure such as the electrical grid in your area.”

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Step-by-Step Guide

Instructables meantime shared a blow-by-blow instructional on how to come up with a Do-It-Yourself solar powered air conditioning unit. A/C And HVAC  

“Harvesting? Yes you read it right. Harvesting a renewable resource allows powering of my air conditioning unit and most of my household electrical loads. An air conditioning unit uses lots of energy to remove heat from a room. To provide that energy you need enough solar panels installed properly to capture the radiant energy of the sun.”

Check out the guide here.

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The website Green Building Elements meantime explained how Solar-Powered Air Conditioning works in a commercial setting.

“The system uses concentrating solar thermal technology to produce heat energy used to power the air conditioning system. It is a “closed-loop” air conditioner, meaning it heats and cools air within the building without introducing any external air into the system, with a pair of “desiccant” (drying) wheels acting as dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air. These desiccant wheels operate at separate temperatures; the high-temperature wheel uses the captured solar energy for regeneration of the low temperature wheel, which operates without any external heat at all.”

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Having a solar-powered HVAC system will definitely help cut budgetary costs.

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