Gas Leaks 101

Gas leaks can occur anytime. (Photo Credits)

Gas leaks can be hazardous, and it is crucial that every household is free from the possible dangers associated with it. Vital in ensuring protection versus gas leaks is hiring a licensed plumber to install and maintain gas pipelines in and around the home.

It is also essential to install carbon monoxide detectors around the house, and regularly replace its batteries and units at a set period.

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Home management and improvement website The Spruce has mentioned several reasons why Natural Gas is a choice fuel in a vast number of American Homes. Apart from being cost-efficient, using natural gas is much better than other energy sources that deplete natural resources. The downside of using this type of fuel around the house is the danger that could occur once it is leaked into the atmosphere.  Plumbing Association of San Diego   

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“Natural gas is highly combustible, meaning it can produce a lot of heat when you burn small amounts. Thus, a natural gas leak can increase the risk of fire and explosion since it spreads quickly and goes up in flame easily. If you leak into the house, an electrical spark or fire source can ignite the combustion. It’s important for everyone in your family to be educated about gas leaks, as a leak in or around the home can be quite dangerous. A natural gas leak can, at certain levels, kill you.”

The full write-up can be found here.

Dangers of a gas leak

Health website meanwhile shared the possible manifestation and symptoms of a gas leak, and what homeowners should watch out for. In their article, they mentioned the signs that point out to immediate evacuation or call for an emergency health response.

“Evacuate the area immediately if you experience the following: smell sulphur or something like rotten eggs; hear a hissing or whistling sound near a gas line; see a damaged connection to a gas line; see a white cloud, blowing dust, or bubbles in standing water; see plants that are dying or dead for no apparent reason. If you suspect a gas leak avoid touching electrical appliances or turning on anything that may cause a spark or fire. Instead, leave the building, leave the door open, and head to a safe location.”

The full article can be found here.

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The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has mentioned several reasons why gas leaks have to be prevented. But apart from the apparent health and physical danger it brings, the EDF said about the harm it brings to the environment. A/C And HVAC   

“In addition to wasting a source of energy, leaked natural gas – mostly methane – is a powerful greenhouse gas. It is a significant contributor to climate change. That makes it essential for gas utilities, and the regulators and public officials that oversee them, to act swiftly and decisively to repair and prevent all methane leaks. The gas utilities’ pipe systems are just one link in the national gas supply chain that brings gas from the well to your home.”

Check out the rest of their online article originally posted here.

It is crucial to have an annual gas pipeline inspection. Homeowners should seek the services of a qualified plumber to undertake maintenance activities that will ensure the safety of the whole household.


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