Every Chula Vista homeowner is bound to experience plumbing problems. The extent of the plumbing problem usually depends on how the homeowner keeps his plumbing systems maintained. This is because some homes maintain their plumbing systems well by consciously observing good usage habits, while others may not be too careful in using their plumbing system.

Another factor that causes plumbing problems is wear and tear. The older the home, the bigger the chances that its plumbing fixtures have been worn out through time. Below are some of the Common Plumbing Problems in Chula Vista:

  1. Clogged drains. Drains get clogged either due to irresponsible usage or due to wear and tear. Every household member must be aware that drain clogs are usually caused by dumping used oil on the kitchen drain, or not installing hair traps in the shower.
  2. Toilet and sewage back-ups. In Chula Vista, toilet and sewage back-ups are pretty common. This plumbing issue is due to irresponsible use of the toilet, or due to children flushing toys and other objects on the loo. Avoid backups by installing hair traps in the tub and shower area drains. Tell every household member that toilet paper is the only sanitary item that could be flushed down the drain. All else, including flushable wipes, cotton buds, cotton pads, and balls should be thrown in the trash bin. The kitchen drain should never be used as a disposal area for kitchen grease and used cooking oil. These should be disposed of according to community guidelines. The garbage disposal should also not be used to process starchy food, meat bones, and fruit and vegetable pit and peelings.
  3. Leaky pipes. Leaking pipes are a common issue in Chula Vista residential properties. Corrosion takes place due to wear and tear, and these eventually cause leaking. Failing to winterize pipes can damage these plumbing fixtures too. Constant use of over the counter drain cleaners can permanently damage the pipes and cause leaking.

What every Chula Vista resident needs to realize is that most of these plumbing issues are preventable. Annual home plumbing maintenance inspections and thoughtful daily use of plumbing fixtures can help prolong the system’s lifespan. Moreover, in case anything goes wrong with the plumbing system, the homeowner should immediately seek the assistance of a Chula Vista licensed plumber instead of self-troubleshooting the issue.