Plumbing leaks are one of the most common issues in any Chula Vista residential property. While for the most part, it can be avoidable, wear and tear, and aging of plumbing fixtures can give way to undetected leaks.


Every Chula Vista homeowner must be knowledgeable in dealing with leaks. Moreover, it is also essential that he is familiar with signs of leakages so that he can address it right away. Below are some signs of a plumbing leak:

Signs of a Plumbing Leak

  1. Sudden Spike in Water Bills. When the utility bills suddenly increase even without any changes in the household’s usage habits, the main culprit is usually an undetected leak. The leak can be connected to the toilet, or could be behind a wall, or even in the flooring. It is best to seek a licensed plumber’s help to detect the leakage problem immediately.
  2. Signs of water damage. Warping and discoloration can occur in walls and other parts of the home that have plumbing pipes running behind it. Please pay attention to these signs because left unaddressed, it can give way to mold growth.
  3. Foundation Cracks. Cracks in the foundation can be a sign that there is a leakage somewhere at home. While hairline cracks can be normal from time to time, cracks that have suddenly gone wider could be a sign that home leaks could be damaging the home’s foundation.
  4. Visible signs of molds. Molds can occur in wet and damp spaces at home. However, when it occurs in areas that are somehow unlikely to be moist, it is possible that water could be leaking in that area. Have a Chula Vista licensed plumber check it right away.
  5. Musty smelling home. Molds can be invisible too. Those that grow behind walls or in cabinets could be the reason why some portions of the home smell musty. Molds grow when there is a moisture source, and usually, moisture is due to leaky pipes.

Once a homeowner suspects of a plumbing leak, he should immediately deal with it. There are plumbing companies in Chula Vista that offer leak detection. The homeowner should avail of this service quickly so that they could prevent the leaks from causing more damage to the home. Unaddressed leaks can cause injuries from slipping, health problems due to mold growth, as well as structural problems.