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Keeping the kitchen garbage disposal working properly. (Photo Credits)

The kitchen garbage disposal is one of the most used and abused kitchen plumbing fixture in any home. Continued misuse of it will not only lead to a malfunctioning garbage disposal unit, it could also mean pipe and drain clogs that are very inconvenient for the whole household.

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There are ways though to ensure that it will be running in its best condition. Today’s Homeowner came up with five tips that could help keep the garbage disposal in good condition. One of the suggested ways mentioned in their article is to use the garbage disposal on a daily basis. A/C and HVAC 

“Run your garbage disposal on a regular basis. Even if you don’t have anything to grind up, turn on the water and run the disposal every few days to move the parts around. Otherwise, the disposal can freeze up, rust, or corrode; and any leftover food inside can harden, leading to odors and clogs. Regularly running your garbage disposal is similar to exercising your body to keep it in top shape.”

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Read the four other tips in the original article posted here.

Garbage Disposal TLC

Home Advice Website also shared some ways to take good care of the garbage disposal. In their informative online article, they mentioned several Do’s and Donts’ when it comes to using the garbage disposal. Plumbing Association of San Diego       

“It’s not so much that your under-sink workhorse needs strict maintenance, only sensible care. You probably already know that fibrous foods like banana skins, broccoli, celery, corn husks and potato peels can tangle and stop the blades of your garbage disposal. Other no-no’s include bones and eggshells. But are you aware that dumping coffee grounds or starchy food into the unit can clog the pipes?”

Check out the rest of the article here.

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Home Guides SF Gate also mentioned several ways to take better care of the garbage disposal system to avoid kitchen plumbing problems. In their advice, they started with reminding the readers of the correct way to use the garbage disposal system.

“The correct way to use your disposal is to first turn on the cold water and let it run for 15 seconds. With the water still running, turn the disposal on by flipping the wall switch and slowly feed the food into the unit. When the grinding has stopped and all the food has been flushed down the drain, turn the disposal off. Allow the water to run another 30 seconds to ensure that the disposal is clear.”

The continuation of the post can be found here.

Careful maintenance and thoughtful use of the garbage disposal system can indeed prevent plumbing troubles.

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