Toilets drain issues


Dealing with a slow draining toilet can be frustrating. (Photo Credits)

Toilet drain problems can be embarrassing for both a host and a visitor. It can even be nerve-wracking especially if it appears to be clogged, or worse, overflows. So are there easy ways to deal with such a problem, or does one really have to get his hands literally dirty?

Home Repair Geek explains how the drains become suddenly slow, and why this happens.

“When the bowl empties, that means the water has all siphoned out after the initial gush, which is provided by the flood from the tank after you lower the lever. If your toilet is flushing slow, then you may have a problem with the flood waters. Something may be causing the water needed to flood the bowl properly to not do so adequately or in a timely manner.”

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Slow and clogged toilet

Homeguides SF Gate has shared several ways on how to deal with a slow flushing toilet. According to its online post, the first thing a homeowner should try is to use a plunger to help unclog the slow drain. Plumbing Association of San Diego 

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Plunge the toilet using a plunger that fits inside the waste opening. Plunging is easy, and if the sluggish flushing is caused by a partial waste blockage, using a plunger will probably remove it. If the toilet exhibits other signs of a blockage, such as backing up, clear the blockage with a toilet auger if plunging doesn’t work.”

Check out the whole write-up here.

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Sometimes though the clog remains persistent. If in case it still not flushes properly after using a plunger, the website remove and replace suggested that the homeowner inspect the toilet tank and other fixtures within. A/C And HVAC     

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“Flush the toilet to be sure the flapper works and positions properly. Make sure the water exits the tank with no problems. If the water drains very slow then the air pipe or the sewer pipe may be clogged. This may involve a professional plumber with a plumbing snake to fix it.”

Take a look at the full explanation here.

Knowing how to deal with slow toilet drains can help in avoiding major clogs and toilet overflows.

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