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Even simple home items like this bucket can help lower a household’s water consumption. (Photo Credits)

Lowering a household’s water consumption is not just beneficial for the family budget, it is also beneficial to the environment. With water being a finite resource, it is in the best interest of every person to use it wisely and conscientiously.

Fortunately technology is on the side of households aiming to cut water consumption. There happens to be new devices that could help households lower their water consumption to meet their goal of saving on costs and saving the environment.

Consumer website Save Outside the Box has featured gadgets that will help tone down water usage inside a home. One of those mentioned in the article are low flow showerheads. Another shower-related gadget discussed in the write-up are shower gadgets that lessen water flow the first few minutes upon turning on the shower. Plumbing Association of San Diego   

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“Do you ever let the water run for a minute or two before you hop in? No-one wants to hop directly into to a chilly stream. If you attach this device to your current showerhead you can wait to hop in without worry. Once the water reaches a medium-hot temperature it will cut the stream to a trickle, using almost none of your precious agua.”

Check out the device here.

Installing water-saving devices

Home improvement website The Spruce also tackled water-saving devices. They also came up with a list of contraptions that could be installed by the homeowner himself so that the savings can be realized right away. One of the devices mentioned in the web post are faucet aerators. A/C And HVAC

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“A low-flow, high-efficiency faucet aerator lowers the fixture’s water usage by about 4 percent. A standard faucet may be responsible for up to 15 percent of household water use. Making the switch could help you save more than 500 gallons of water every year.”

The rest of their list can be found here.

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Another device that could help lower water usage are high-efficient washers. In one of their web features, they mentioned that how washing machines with Energy Star ratings can help lower water and energy bills.

“Although energy-efficient washers are pretty much all you’ll find when you shop, know that certified ENERGY STAR products can help you save cash and water, so you get even more bang for your buck if you pay a water bill. If you wash your clothes in warm (not hot) or cold water, you’ll save even more. Typically, an ENERGY STAR washing machine uses 25 percent less electricity than its non-eco-friendly counterparts do.”

Check out the original write-up here.

Lowering water consumption is indeed the way to go, to ensure that this scarce resource will be generously available even for the next generation.

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