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Here are some possible reasons why an HVAC or Air Conditioning Unit fails to cool a room. (Photo Credits)

Air conditioning units are mean to blow cool air to make a room more comfortable. Sometimes though, there are issues that prop up like failure to cool a room. Sometimes, it seems like it fails to blow cool air, while sometimes it seems that it is no longer as cool as before or it cannot reach the desired temperature. Plumbing Association of San Diego 

There could probably a number of reasons why an air conditioning unit, or a central HVAC will fail to cool a room. Home repair and improvement website shared comprehensive information on what could probably be causing an air conditioning unit to fail in cooling a room.

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“Does the AC blow air that isn’t cold? This would indicate that the thermostat and the blower motor are operating, but the refrigeration system (outdoor compressor) is not working right or air isn’t circulating properly, usually because of dirty filters. When was the last time you changed the AC filters? The chances are fairly good that you may just need to replace or clean the air filters. This is a job you should do at least twice a year.”

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Clogged System

Home improvement website also shared possible causes of non-cooling air conditioning unit. One of the reasons discussed in their web post is a clog in the air conditioning system. A/C And HVAC          

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“Air conditioners work in part by removing humidity from the air (through condensation), and that moisture must go somewhere. That’s the job of a condensation drain hose—it directs water to a floor drain or to the outside of your home, depending on your system. Condensation drains are subject to blockage by mold and algae growth. When this happens, some AC units will stop cooling while others will shut down completely.”

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Service Ratings Website Angie’s List also came up with a featured blog post on why air conditioning units may fail to cool the air. For inadequate cooling of a room, they mentioned that it could possibly because of a problem in the evaporator, or the unit’s capacity is not enough to cool the room. They also mentioned that it could also be the outside temperature.

“Keep in mind that an extremely hot day may impact your unit’s effectiveness. If temperatures outside are over 100 degrees, you may not be able to achieve 62 degrees inside your home no matter how much your A/C blows cold air, especially if you have a lot of windows letting in the sun’s energy. Always consult with a professional before making the decision to replace your A/C unit, especially if temperatures have been unusually high.”

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If unsure as to why the air conditioning unit fails to cool a room, it is best to call for professional service instead of self-trouble shooting. Troubleshooting or DIY repair can be risky, and be more expensive in the long run.

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