Epic Sewage Problems

Flooding due to sewer back-up

What can happen when sewers back-up. (Photo Credits)

Sewage backup can be a big hassle and inconvenience especially if it occurred on a public sewer.

News Channel 5 for instance featured a story on a city sewer line backup that caused a lot of trouble to one of the residents. Plumbing Association of San Diego  

“They had to rip out a lot of the floors in their own home, and it’s caused damage to their heating and cooling system. Bruce Richardson, the La Vergne city administrator, said a grease and sludge build up in the city sewer line caused the backup into the home, but because they couldn’t predict it, the city isn’t liable for the repairs.”

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Widespread problem

The website The Mirror meantime shared the story of a sewage back up that threatened bridges in the town. A/C And HVAC       

“The city has made upgrades to its sewer system since the 2011 floods, but Chute said a number of areas are still vulnerable to sewage backups. City contractors also recently built a bulkhead on the 10th Street bridge to prevent washouts.”

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ABC12.com meantime featured a story of apartment residents that have been affected by a sewaer back up in their neighborhood.

“At least 15 apartments had sewer water in their basement as high as six inches. Moore has been working around the clock trying to drain water out of the basements.”

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To prevent sewer back ups, at least the ones that emanate from the home, it is best to get in touch with a professional licensed plumber.

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