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Solar Water Heater

Harnessing the Sun’s Power to provide heated water for the home. (Photo Credits)

Water Heaters can use up a huge chunk of utility bills, and so more and more households and commercial establishments are considering to switch to solar powered water heaters. A/C and HVAC 

Mother Earth News aptly described this technology in one of the articles they have featured over at their website here.

“Solar thermal systems have been the water-heating method of choice for homes near the equator for decades — back when many North Americans relied on a woodburning stove and kettle! Spared the threat of freezing, “batch” equatorial systems are simple, cheap, and effective. North Americans also have a long history with solar hot water, but wintertime freezes — found in much of the United States and Canada — forced the development of freeze-ready “flat-plate” collectors, which went mainstream in California and Florida in the 1970s. Today, the innovative solar thermal industry produces highly efficient models capable of heating water as far north as the Arctic Circle!”

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 You can also do it yourself

Do-it-Yourself water heaters are also feasible, and Practical Survivalist came up with a guide on how to make one. Plumbing Association of San Diego     

“His reaches temps at or above 150F with air temps from high 40’s to low 50’s.This is a slim portable design (at only 2″ thick) and is very rugged and durable (built with 2×2’s and 1/2″ plywood).This one hooks to a standard water tap/garden hose . Multiple panels can be hooked together for additional capacity and extras can be easily added; water flow valves, temp sensors, timers etc. Make sure to use type L copper. Lastly, to secure the glass into the frame, just use a bead of silicone caulk around the edge and drop the glass in.”

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Watch the instructional guide here.

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Homestead Notes also featured a Copper Coil Solar Water Heater in its website.

“With a solar system, you can create enough heat to heat water. There are not that many materials you need and the pay-off of having hot water that continues on and on is worth the effort. One of the most important things you will need is a large water storage tank. You probably have most of these basic materials already have on hand. Cost is minimal and the output of hot water is going to last a long time.”

Read more here.

Solar water heaters are indeed efficient when it comes to water heating.

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