Lawn and Yard Plumbing Issues

What to do when plumbing issues occur in the garden? (Photo Credits)

The garden is another spot in the house that regularly uses up huge amounts of water. From the water sprinkler, to garden hoses, outdoor faucets, and even mini fountains or ponds, all these plumbing fixtures use water on a day-to-day basis.

Unfortunately, like any other plumbing fixture, garden faucets, hoses, and water sources are also subject to wear and tear. There is also the possibility of bad installation that may cause an even bigger trouble in this area of the home.

One common lawn problem is a wet and soggy surface. Home improvement website The Spruce discussed this issue in one of their posts on lawn problems, saying this can be attributed to a drainage trouble. Plumbing Association of San Diego

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“A soggy, wet lawn will attract all sorts of problems from weed outbreaks to lawn disease and eventually thin and dying turf. Installing subsurface drainage is the best way to alleviate drainage issues but it must be installed correctly to work properly. There are a variety of methods and materials that can be used for a drainage project depending on the amount of money, time, and labor at one’s disposal.”

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Drainage issues explained

Home gardening website shed light on why drainage problems usually plague lawns. In their web feature they mentioned that soil permeability as well as topography plays a huge role on lawn drainage. A/C And HVAC

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“Drainage is never instantaneous. In other words, rain water is never completely absorbed immediately by the soil. On lawns especially, roots can create a thick barrier that can greatly reduce soil permeability. Soil compaction may also be an issue.” Check out the full web article here.

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Another outdoor plumbing issue that may hound homes are frozen pipes. The best thing to do is to detach the garden hose even before the winter season sets in to avoid freezing the water that runs through the hose, the pipes, and the outdoor faucet. Frozen pipes that will end up bursting can be a problematic and expensive plumbing issue.

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