HVAC and Molds

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Molds can grow anywhere, and the HVAC Syste is no exception. (Photo Credits)

Molds can infest any surface that will be conducive to its growth, and the natural condensation in HVAC systems can be a fertile ground for it. Plumbing Association of San Diego 

Home Advice website BobVila.com says moldy HVAC systems are common in vacation homes.

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“In a primary residence, accumulated moisture attracts notice. But things are different with a vacation home: Close it up when you leave, and you’re effectively trapping in moisture, giving mold precisely what it wants. On your next visit to the house, you can fight back against the mold by turning on the air conditioner. Indeed, air conditioning helps a great deal to reduce humidity. It’s a temporary solution, though, lasting only as long as you run the AC. Turn it off when you leave, and the mold inevitably returns.”

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More Causes of Molds in an HVAC System

Hawaii Army Weekly also identified other possible causes of molds in an HVAC System. A/C and HVAC  

“Leaky roofs, cracked windows and clogged drains, which condensate underneath systems, are the third leading cause of mold growth. Furthermore, inadvertently leaving windows and doors open, thereby letting warm moist air into conditioned areas, promotes the formation of condensation on cold surfaces. This moisture buildup becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold.”

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Mold Blogger says removing Molds from a HVAC System could be difficult.

“What often makes mold removal from an HVAC system tricky is the fact that many of your HVAC system’s internal components can be very difficult to gain access to. Still, there are some basic steps that you can follow to tackle the problem and, with any luck, keep it from coming back in the process.”

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When suspecting a mold issue in an VAC System, it is best to call Expert HVAC Contractors to help deal with the problem safely, quickly, and efficiently.

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