While garbage disposal units can last for more than 10 years, there are times when it needs replacement even before it reaches its end of life. Maintenance and usage come into play when assessing the overall condition of a garbage disposal unit. Diamond Ace Plumber San Diego

When garbage disposal units fail, and a homeowner keeps on postponing its replacement, more issues could prop us. The particular issue that could occur is drain clogging. Since the garbage disposal unit is malfunctioning already, it could end up inefficient and could dump food items that could eventually clog up the drainage system. If this situation persists, the clogs could cause a massive blockage that could damage the sewer system, or worse, could cause massive drain backups. Water Conservation Tips for Homes in Escondido

A malfunctioning garbage disposal could stink up an otherwise lovely kitchen.

Knowing when to replace the garbage disposal unit

Homeowners should know when to replace their garbage disposal unit. fortunately, heads of households could take a cue from the following signs that call for a replacement:

  1. Frequent jamming and failure. This could mean that the unit is already in its end-of-life stage, or it has gotten severely worn out due to misuse and ill maintenance. While jamming and failure can be attributed to incorrect use of the garbage disposal system: like disposing of big chunks of food waste, or forgetting to pace the disposal, frequent occurrence, even with appropriate use could mean that the machine is failing already. Homeowners should take the cue and get in touch with a local plumber for an upgrade.
  2. Leakage. When the garbage disposal unit leaks through its plumbing connections then it is time to have a licensed plumber assess the condition of the garbage disposal unit. Tips on Finding the Right Plumber in Chula Vista
  3. Persistent odors. This could mean that the odors have clung to the system already due to ill-maintenance. If the garbage disposal unit seems to emit an unbearable stench despite efforts to clean and freshen it up, then it is high time to replace it with a newer one.
  4. The need for frequent reset meanwhile points out to a serious imminent failure.

Apart from the above-mentioned signs, frequent failure, poor performance, and clogging could also mean that the garbage disposal unit is no longer capable to operate optimally.