The Benefits of Using a Bidet


The Comfort and Luxury of having a Bidet. (Photo Credits)

It may be popular in other countries, but not all homes in the United States have it. Yes – the Bidet has not yet invaded most American homes.

Website Articles.Mercola.Com said that bidets have not been popular in the United States because of three main reasons. The most plausible theories for why Americans prefer to be sans-bidet include: History — In the 18th century, Britons had a disdain for French aristocracy (which were among the first to champion the use of bidets). When the early colonists came to America, they may have brought this sentiment with them.”

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The Luxury and Comfort it Provides

The New York Times meantime published an article in its website sharing the many comfort and luxuries that a bidet can provide.

“The seats, which range in price from about $250 to more than $1,700, are attachments for your toilet with at least two basic functions, and, depending on the model, a wide array of more luxurious extras. The basic features are warming your bottom, and then cleaning it with warmed water. The more luxurious appointments try to recreate something like an opulent spa. Some seats will dry your bottom with warmed air, sort of like being pushed through a carwash. Some use a fan and a catalytic converter to suck out the gases in the bowl, apparently removing any odors. Some sense when you’re approaching the toilet and spray a fine mist in the bowl, prelubricating it to aid with flushing. Many of the seats, as you might expect, offer a remote control to operate the spraying and other functions”

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Over at Youtube, Buzzfeed’s channel shared videos of people who are using a bidet for the first time.

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Does your toilet have one?