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Plumber’s take on Low Water Flow

Slow Flow The problem with weak water pressure is a low flow of water in the house. (Photo Credits) Low water flow from faucets and showers can be frustrating especially when one is in a hurry. Shower time can double, washing can get affected, and even simple chores can take up time – like [...]

What to do when water leaks from HVAC

Guide to HVAC leakages Water leakages can be a common HVAC Issue. (Photo Credits)  Water dripping from an HVAC Unit is not an uncoomon issue for homes with HVAC systems. However, it is definitely a concern that should be addressed immediately, lest it can cause more damage to the HVAC system itself. So what [...]

Plumber’s Guide on Avoiding Kitchen Clogs

Ways to Keep a Good Working Kitchen Sink Kitchen clogs can be a stressor in the kitchen, learn how to avoid it in this blog post. (Photo Credits) A clogged kitchen sink drain is not an uncommon problem in a household. Again, not uncommon but entirely avoidable, given that the owner uses the sink [...]

How to deal with malfunctioning HVAC Thermostat

What to do when the thermostat is not working A problematic thermostat can be a hassle. (Photo Credits) A malfunctioning thermostat can be an issue in a household especially during hot summer months, or the dreary cold of the winter. Apart from the inconvenience of having to guess what temperature to set it to [...]

What to do when the HVAC fails to cool a room

HVAC Issues What to do when the HVAC is not blowing cool air? (Photo Credits) It can be quite frustrating to have one’s HVAC system running, but is not producing cool air. This is especially true during summer months, when being inside an air conditioned home can bring a lot of comfort. Angie’s List [...]

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