Ways to Keep a Good Working Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink

Kitchen clogs can be a stressor in the kitchen, learn how to avoid it in this blog post. (Photo Credits)

A clogged kitchen sink drain is not an uncommon problem in a household. Again, not uncommon but entirely avoidable, given that the owner uses the sink appropriately.

So what are the ways to avoid to clogging in the kitchen drains?

American Home Shield shared some ways to ensure a properly functional kitchen sink drain.

Plumber’s advice on dealing with dirty water

“Keep food, coffee grounds and grease out of kitchen drains. Put leftover food in the trash or compost heap, not the garbage disposal. Pour liquid grease into a sealable container. After it cools, put it in the trash or take it to a recycling center. Keep hair and soap scum out of bathroom drains. Cover your tub and shower drains with a mesh screen or a perforated shower drain hair catcher. Either one will collect the hair and let the water run through.”

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What to avoid getting down the drain

The Daily Mail meanwhile reminded its readers about the stuff that should never go down the drain, if one wants to have a good functioning drain. Plumbing Association of San Diego

“Seeds are far too solid to be ground up, even by a waste disposal unit, according to Putman Plumbing. The same applies to any fruit or vegetable pulp – it’s hard to break down and will just stay in your drain and create blockages. HOW TO DISPOSE: If you’re cutting up a fruit or vegetable, gather the seeds using a piece of kitchen towel or by picking them out before throwing them away. If they’re left on your plate, make sure you scrape them into the bin before washing your plate in the sink.”

A/C And HVAC Read about the other food items that should never go down the drain. In Daily Mail’s original article here.

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Popular Mechanics meanwhile shared some ways to temporarily remediate clogged drains.

“You’re right in the middle of preparing that big Thanksgiving feast, when your kitchen sink chokes on all the grease that you’ve been allowing to go down the drain. THE QUICK FIX Use a heating pad wrapped around the drain trap (or a hair dryer if you’re willing to hold it there) until the metal becomes hot. This will melt the grease and allow you to flush it away with a running stream of hot water.”

Plumber’s guite on water conservation in the kitchen

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Caring about what goes down the kitchen drain will go a long way in terms of avoiding a clogged drainage.

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