Plumber’s Guide on Avoiding Kitchen Clogs

Ways to Keep a Good Working Kitchen Sink Kitchen clogs can be a stressor in the kitchen, learn how to avoid it in this blog post. (Photo Credits) A clogged kitchen sink drain is not an uncommon problem in a household. Again, not uncommon but entirely avoidable, given that the owner uses the sink [...]

The Drawbacks of hiring an Unlicensed Plumber

Risks of dealing with unlicensed contractors There’s a reason why they need to get licensed. (Photo Credits) Some property owners have their own reasons for hiring unlicensed plumbers. They could be cheaper, they could be better at convincing that they could do an equally great job minus the high professional fees, but really, there [...]

Organizing the space Under your Kitchen Sink

What is below your kitchen sink? Is the space under your kitchen sink disorganized? (Photo Credits) Keeping the cabinet or the space below the kitchen sink can be tricky especially when the whole household gets busy. It is very easy to neglect especially if it is behind a closed cabinet. Tip Hero shared great [...]

DIY Bath Tub Cleanser

Make your own Bath Tub Cleanser Yes, you can do it yourself, and it is very easy. (Photo Credits)  Bath tub cleansers are aplenty in the supermarket, but the best thing about it is that effective ones can be made even at home. for instance shared a recipe for a tub cleanser that [...]

All About the Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink Tales Stories on Kitchen Sinks. (Photo Credits) The kitchen sink is one thing you can never miss in your home every day. You can last weeks without gong to your veranda or visiting your garden, but never the kitchen sink. OSHA Plumbers After all, some people wake up to go there directly [...]

Bathroom Faucet Extender Ideas

How to Extend your Bathroom Faucet DIY Stuff you can do to extend your faucet. (Photo Credits) When you have kids in the house, you may find the need to have a faucet with a longer reach so you would not have to lift them up every now and then for them to reach [...]

Plumber’s heroic deed save the life of an elderly woman

A plumber in Staten Island who was on the job in Harlem came to the rescue on Tuesday after an elderly woman was trapped in a burning apartment building, according to the New York Daily News. BDP San Diego Plumber Emergency Plumber Chula Vista. The plumber was Anthony Tatulli, 43 years old, also a pancreatic [...]

How to avoid clogged drains

Avoiding Clogged Drains Unclogging the kitchen sink drain is so much harder compared to just ensuring that food bits, grease and oil, do not go down your drain on a daily basis. (Photo Credits: Will Powell, cc: Some Rights Reserved) Four easy ways to ensure that clogged drains will not bother your household [...]

Four Ways to Keep Your Home Plumbing System In Good Condition

How to keep your plumbing system in good health It is definitely frustrating when your home’s plumbing system is having issues. While one could always ring up the experts to remedy the situation for you, it  is always better that homeowners remain pro-active in keeping their plumbing systems in good working condition. With this, here [...]

Some things homeowners should consider when finding a plumber

Questions to consider when looking for a plumber When you consider hiring a plumber there are several things that you should keep in mind. We are going to tell you exactly what you need to do in order to hire a good poway plumber or HVAC service technician. First you want to check to make [...]

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