avoiding toilet clogs

Preventing toilet clogs is the responsibility of everyone in the household.

Toilet clogs are one of the most frequent plumbing complaints in households. And why not? It occurs in most homes, and it could result into a myriad of plumbing troubles. These clogs are inconvenient, stressful, and not to mention embarrassing especially when there are visitors. It could also cause home flooding that could result into furniture and flooring damage, accidents, as well as water damage.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this plumbing catastrophe. Mindful use of the toilet, catching clues to a toilet trouble, and educating every household member about clog prevention are the best ways to prevent toilet clogs. Lakeside Office

Why do toilet clogs occur?

No matter how new a toilet is, its drains are designed to only accommodate solid and liquid human waste and an acceptable amount of toilet paper. Any other object or paper product beyond the usual toilet paper could cause a build-up that will eventually transform into a blockage that could clog the whole toilet drain.

When a section of the drainpipes get blocked, grey water can no longer go through the sewer. It could either create a build-up in pressure and cause pipe breakage, or cause water to back-up in the toilet. Either way this will cause flooding that is both inconvenient and unsanitary. Diamond Ace Plumber

How to avoid toilet clogs

For the most part, toilet clogs are avoidable. Homeowners just need to follow one golden rule. If it is not human waste or a used toilet paper, do not flush it. Putting a covered trash receptacle next to the toilet discourages the use of the toilet bowl as a trash receptacle.

The next challenge then is educating and reminding every family member about this rule. Ask every family member to not flush sanitary products like sanitary napkin, tampons, and panty shields. They should also not throw paper products like Q-tips, cotton pads, cotton balls, and the like in the toilet. Baby wipes, including flushable wipes are also a no-no since they are quite rigid compared to an ordinary toilet paper. Moreover, they should just use the right amount of toilet paper as using way too much in one flushing could still clog up the drainpipes. Diamond Ace Plumbing Chula Vista

Likewise, putting a child proof lid will also help in avoiding instances where children flush toys and other objects down the drain. Tell children that it is not okay to trash or put anything on the toilet bowl, and that the flush is not a toy nor a game.