Bad plumbing can have a negative impact on the whole household's health

Bad plumbing can have a negative impact on the whole household’s health

Unresolved plumbing problems come with a lot of consequences. Most common of which include structural damage, increase in utility bills, and of course inconvenience. What is not usually noticed is that issues with the plumbing system can also affect the whole family’s health.

Even the most common plumbing concern can have negative health consequences when shrugged off. Diamond Ace Plumber Website For instance, undetected leaks could cause mold and mildew growth, which in turn could cause various health problems. Molds and mildew could trigger headaches, migraines, respiratory infections, and even skin problems. Exposure to molds could also trigger bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis for some sufferers. Moreover, very young children, the elderly, and the immunocompromised could also fall ill with constant exposure to molds.

Fungal growth

Apart from molds, fungal growth is also a common consequence of leaking pipes. Chula Vista Diamond Ace Some people are sensitive to fungal exposure that when they come across its spores, they either get throat or nasal irritation, get fatigued, or suffer from nasal congestion and coughing.

Sanitation problems

Clogged drains, toilets, and sewer issues can give way to sanitation issues inside the house. Leaks in toilet bowls, toilets, and drain backups as well as sewer concerns can instantly spread bacteria and microbes in the house. People with chronic illnesses and very young children can easily get sick when exposed to such microorganisms. Lakeside Diamond Ace

Some of the illnesses that sanitation problems may bring include gastrointestinal issues, stomach inflammation, and hepatitis, among other digestive issues. It could also cause skin problems since bacteria can trigger dermatological issues.

Contaminated drinking water

Unresolved plumbing problems can also contaminate a household’s drinking water. Broken pipes can easily give way to bacterial contamination. Moreover, debris and dirt can get into the water through these defective underground plumbing fixtures.

When a home’s water source is contaminated, E-Coli Bacteria and Salmonella could get into the water pipes and infect the water supply. Unfortunately, home water filters could not get rid of these two dangerous microorganisms that could seriously cause intestinal troubles, skin damage, and immune system issues.

Solving plumbing problems

Homeowners should immediately seek professional plumbing repair as soon as issues surface. No matter how minor the issues may seem, having it repaired by a qualified plumber could prevent worsening of the problem, bigger repair expenses, and health issues within the household.