Plumbing tips for first time homeowners

Plumbing tips for first time homeowners

Without a perfectly working home plumbing system, houses will not be as sanitary and daily life will be inconvenient. And while only a licensed residential plumber should undertake repairs, daily maintenance and mindful use fall on the shoulders of the homeowner and everyone in his household.

Below are five useful plumbing tips that could help keep home plumbing systems running smoothly. Following these tips can also help lower water bills, avoid plumbing problems and expensive repairs, and at the same time keep the water supply safe. Diamond Ace Plumbing

Do not abuse the drains

The home drainage system cannot accommodate everything that the household refuses. it is not a garbage disposal system. In this regard, homeowners should refrain from abusing the sink and shower drains.

One of the most common plumbing issues in a home is slow or clogged drains. These begin with mindless use of drains. For instance, pouring used kitchen grease down the drain, and dumping leftovers and food scraps in the garbage disposal system. The grease and all the starches from the food bits can easily ball up and clog the whole diameter of the drainage pipe, causing massive clogs, back-ups, leaks, and even pipe bursts. Escondido Office

Think before flushing

Like drains, toilet flushes are not a receptacle for used sanitary products. Supposedly water-soluble toilet paper could easily clog drainpipes if used in excessive quantities. Only human waste and reasonable quantities of toilet paper should be flushed in the loo. Other items such as cotton buds, baby wipes, cotton pads and balls, sanitary napkins, tampons, and diapers should never be flushed down too. Toilet back-ups are scary it can make any home flooded with sewer waste. Fortunately, this is all preventable.

 Do not pack under sink cabinets to the brim

Sometimes, pipes located under the sink can leak due to jam packed stuff inside under sink cabinets. Homeowners should refrain from packing these cabinets too tightly because the items they store within this cabinet could cramp and dislocate pipes, and cause leaks.  Chula Vista Office

Know where the main and sub water valves are located

Knowing the location of the main water valves and sub-valves is crucial in preventing a massive plumbing catastrophe. Imagine a pipe burst and the person at home does not even know how to turn off the water supply? Flooding, water damage, and even electrocution could ensue right away. So, familiarize oneself with the water valve location and let the whole household know about it too. Likewise, make sure that everyone knows how to shut it off and turn it on.