Plumbing Tips For Rental Property Owners

Plumbing Tips For Rental Property Owners

Being a rental property owner comes with several responsibilities including building maintenance and upkeep. Plumbing is one of the areas that needs regular maintenance, and immediate attention whenever there are issues. It is not uncommon for rental property owners to receive calls on wee hours of the morning pertaining to emergency plumbing needs that they must respond to right away. Lakeside Office

The tricky part about maintaining the plumbing system of a rental property is that the landlord does not have full control of how fixtures are utilized. Not all renters are concerned enough to not cause plumbing issues in the long run. Having said this, rental property owners should take time and exert effort in educating their lessees about how to correctly use plumbing systems so that plumbing emergencies are avoided.

Regular plumbing maintenance in rental properties

Property owners should ensure that they contract a plumbing professional to conduct an annual plumbing inspection and maintenance of the units that they rent out. Apart from repairing existing issues, annual plumbing inspections allow property owners to nip troubles from the bud. Diamond Ace Plumber

Have a go-to plumbing contractor

Rental property owners should have a go-to plumbing contractor who can perform annual maintenance inspections, on-demand repairs, as well as emergency plumbing services. Without a reliable plumbing contractor, a rental property owner would have to scramble for a plumber who could immediately respond to the renters’ call for repairs.

Educate the renter about proper plumbing practices

Property owners should try their best to educate their renters about proper plumbing use to avoid issues:

  1. Cleaning faucets and showerheads regularly. Diamond Ace Website
  2. Do not flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper in the loo. Property owners should remind their renters to refrain from using their toilet as a garbage bin.
  3. Do not treat the garbage disposal and kitchen sink drain as a repository for food scraps and used kitchen grease.
  4. Report plumbing issues like leaks, clogs, and the like immediately. The same goes with water heater repairs.
  5. Install drain catches to prevent hair from balling up.
  6. Refrain from doing self-troubleshooting of plumbing issues as well as self-installing plumbing fixtures.
  7. Familiarize themselves about the location of the main water valve, as well as sub-valves and how to operate these.