What is below your kitchen sink?


Is the space under your kitchen sink disorganized? (Photo Credits)

Keeping the cabinet or the space below the kitchen sink can be tricky especially when the whole household gets busy. It is very easy to neglect especially if it is behind a closed cabinet.

Tip Hero shared great ways to keep it organized.

“Take it from someone who knows, your kitchen sink can get out of control fast. You know the expression, out of sight, out of mind? Yeah, well, that’s basically your kitchen sink. You don’t see under your kitchen sink every day, so you might tend to forget about it. But when you need a cleaning product (or whatever else you might keep under there) finding what you need becomes impossible in a mess.”

Watch the video here.

Make it clean, make it organized

More tips can also be found at Clean and Scentsible. Air Conditioning 

“Empty everything out of the cupboards.  This lets you see everything that is actually in there and gives you a chance to give the walls and floor of the cupboard a good cleaning.   If the floor of the cupboards is in rough shape or you just want a little extra protection, line it with a shelf liner that can easily be wiped down.”

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But are homeowners really aware about everything that is under their kitchen sink?

The website Bell-wellness.com published an interesting article on this. Plumbing   

“Consumers need to know what is in conventional household cleaning products so that they have the necessary information to make thoughtful, educated decisions about the products they use in their homes. The “buyer beware” scenario that we live with must be changed so that we can all make the best decisions for our personal health, the health of our families, and the health of our environment.”

Check out the rest of the post here.

How do you keep your under the sink cabinet clean an well-organized?


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