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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Chic and Practical Bathroom Renovation Pegs Make the dream bathroom a reality. (Photo Credits) For any homeowner who dreams of a lovely, spacious bathroom, remodeling will most likely be part of a dream. Pottery Barn shared photos of the “ultimate” bathroom remodeling endeavor. OSHA Plumbers “Eight years doesn’t sound very long until you realize [...]

Lovely Bathrooms

Cleanse and Relax Clean and sanitary. (Photo Credits) For most people the bathroom is not just a place to cleanse one’s body. It is also a place to enjoy solitude and relaxation. And what better way to enjoy this further than to have a nice lovely bathroom to relax at. gave important pointers [...]

Do-It-Yourself Toilet Freshener

Keep your Bathroom Always Smelling Fresh Make your own bathroom deodorizer. (Photo Credits) A fresh-smelling bathroom can make anyone’s day. It can come with costs though so a homemade natural freshener or deodorizer might sound like a great idea. OSHA Plumbers  Happy Mothering has shared its recipe of DIY Toilet Bombs. “These DIY Toilet [...]

Toilet Paper Art

When you do not want to dispose those rolls Art from the toilet. (Photo Credits) Every household consumes rolls after rolls of toilet paper. Its core though remains an unused piece of cardboard. Modern Day Moms showed artwork after artwork of crafts that can be done using toilet paper cardboard cores. A/C And HVAC  [...]

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