Chic and Practical Bathroom Renovation Pegs

bathroom remodel ideas

Make the dream bathroom a reality. (Photo Credits)

For any homeowner who dreams of a lovely, spacious bathroom, remodeling will most likely be part of a dream.

Pottery Barn shared photos of the “ultimate” bathroom remodeling endeavor. OSHA Plumbers

“Eight years doesn’t sound very long until you realize it’s just two years shy of a decade. I bought my house 8 years ago, new and my master bathroom was complete with builder grade fixtures, lighting, brown walls, brown ceiling (Yikes!), and travertine tile, as far as the eye could see. She’s been a good bathroom but after almost a decade, she was begging for a refresh.”

See the before and after photos here.

The ultimate wow

Sea Brook Styles also shared an inspiring bathroom remodeling journey in one of its blog posts on the matter. Plumbing Info

“We asked our brother-in-law to help us out even though he already works a full time job. David is very kind and conveniently works for a homebuilder so he was able to GC our bathroom on the weekends and after work. Dustin, David and my dad worked tirelessly on the demo and installations. All in all the remodel took about a month ish. Amazing! The beautiful after pictures were also from the help of a friend.”

Take a look at the shots here.

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Better Homes and Gardens meanwhile shared bathroom remodeling ideas that will not a bore a big hole on the owner’s pocket.

“Beautiful built-ins and a cozy window seat now occupy the footprint of a never-used jetted tub. This renovated master bathroom boasts plenty of storage, even with removing a bulky vanity, creating a bathroom that no longer feels cramped or crowded for $4,500.”

Check out the rest of the tips here.

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