Cleanse and Relax

July 1, 2014

Clean and sanitary. (Photo Credits)

For most people the bathroom is not just a place to cleanse one’s body. It is also a place to enjoy solitude and relaxation. And what better way to enjoy this further than to have a nice lovely bathroom to relax at. gave important pointers to having a lovely bathroom in the home. Plumbing    

Make an intentional effort to create a focal point for the eye to be drawn to when you walk in the room. Walk-in showers and freestanding tubs are two examples of how you can master this trend. Think of your bathroom focal point as a statement piece of clothing you’d wear to generate a reaction.””

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What’s in, and what’s new.

Trusted Home Contractors meantime shared latest trends in bathroom designs. Air Conditioning    

Many modern bathrooms now implement high-tech options that are an experience for the senses. Some of the most trendy tech options include: Built-In Audio Systems – If you enjoy listening to music while you relax in a steamy shower or warm bath, consider implementing a fully loaded bathroom audio system, complete with a central control system.”

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Related Plumbing and HVAC services for its part shared great trendy bathroom ideas for those wanting to get the most oof their bathroom design budget.

“Showers with more luxury: Clear glass doors and enclosures are in demand; a quality remodeler can coat the doors with a film to keep soap scum from building up. Some homeowners go for the doorless, walk-in look. If that appeals to you, install a bigger drain and angle the shower floor so water runs down toward the drain. Finish it all off with a glitzy showerhead to make you feel like you’re under a Hawaiian waterfall.”

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How does your dream bathroom look like?