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Plumber’s Guide in Installing Water Softeners

Step-by-Step Procedure Water softeners are a must for some locations. (Photo Credits) For property owners in hard-water areas, having a water softener is a must.  But how easy is it to own one, lest install and maintain? came up with an advice on where to install the softener, for households who will  be [...]

Plumber’s Guide in Installing a Faucet Filter

Home Filtration System Installing a residential water filter system. (Photo Credits) Families that need a cleaner and better tasting water from the public supply resort to installing water filtration system. While some homeowners just use a water filter for their drinking water, some families would rather have whole home filtration system to ensure that [...]

Solar Air-conditioning 101

Pros and Cons of Solar Powered Air-conditioning When solar heat powers air conditioning. (Photo Credits) Air conditioning takes up a huge chunk of utility expenses for most households, and so finding an alternative and cheaper energy source is good step in taking control of this otherwise huge expense. Plumbing Association of San Diego  The [...]

Plumber’s Guide on installing a Garden Fountain

Water Fountain Installing a garden fountain can be a huge project. (Photo Credits) A garden fountain can always be a great addition in a spacious garden. Installing one can be quite a huge endeavor, and for the most part should be undertaken by professionals. Do It however says it can be a home [...]

HVAC Expert’s advice on installing a window aircon unit

Window type air-conditioning Installing a window type air conditioning unit is not that complicated. (Photo Credits) Installing an air conditioning unit can be a complex idea for homeowners who are not too handy about working around their own respective homes. But expert advice tells us that it is not that complicated really. Popular Mechanics [...]

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