Pros and Cons of Solar Powered Air-conditioning

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When solar heat powers air conditioning. (Photo Credits)

Air conditioning takes up a huge chunk of utility expenses for most households, and so finding an alternative and cheaper energy source is good step in taking control of this otherwise huge expense. Plumbing Association of San Diego 

The website Tree Hugger says there is nothing very special about the technology of a solar powered air conditioning unit. A/C And HVAC 

“We have looked at absorption technologies and all kinds of fancy solutions and alternatives to traditional AC units. But it turns out that solar powered AC is not some new technology, but simply a result of grinding out improvements in existing heat pump split units, combined with the continuing drop in the price of conventional solar panels, with a dollop of building energy efficiency improvements that reduce solar gain and resultant cooling loads.”

Decoding foul HVAC Odors

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“For 1 kilowatt and higher you want a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller. Basically it gives higher efficiency, can accept a higher voltage to deliver the amps into the battery bank.  I use the outback flexmax 80amp mppt controller. It’s the best in class for the industry and it’s worth every cent of its cost. It’s fully programmable and can handle up to a 60 volt Dc battery bank.”

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The Green Energy Blog also explained how solar powered air conditioning works. In their article, they also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of maintaining such an air conditioning unit.

“As with anything else, there are minuses for every plus, at least to some extent. For people looking to use a greener option for their home cooling needs, solar-powered chillers are a great choice since they use far less energy. However, it will increase your water usage. Chillers are designed to be wired into your water tank or water storage line, making them slightly less efficient than a hybrid solar AC unit that operates on battery or solar energy power.”

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Solar powered air conditioning is best for especially for those wanting to save up on utility costs.

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