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How to remove Hard Water Stains from your Toilet Bowl

The secret to getting rid of stains from hard water How to get rid hardwater stains in the toilet. (Photo credits) For most homeowners, removing hard water stains – wherever it may have set in – is a pesky chore. But apparently, it does not need to much of an effort, and that you [...]

How to clean a faucet

Ways to clean a faucet Keep the cleaner clean. (Photo Credits) You use a faucet to get water to clean stuff, but have you ever gave it a though as to how to clean your own faucet? Plumbing shared how to clean hard water stains off a chrome faucet. “I just soaked a [...]

The damaging consequences of leaking pipes

Other causes and consequences of leaking pipes Leaking pipes have more damaging consequences. (Photo Credits) Leaky pipes do a lot more than waste water. It also has other unintended consequences. Your Central Valley shared in its website that the leaky pipes are further contributing to a drought. Plumbing Association of San Diego    “Water experts [...]

The Consequences of a Leaky Pipe

Why leaky pipes can cause illnesses A Leaking pipe can get a lot of people sick. (Photo Credits) At home a leaking pipe is a nuisance that usually merits a call to the plumber, or a trip to the hardware store to get materials for a DIY Fix. On a larger scale though, leaky [...]

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