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HVAC Contractor’s Advice when buying an older home

HVAC Systems Should be Inspected Too What to check out before making the purchase decision. (Photo Credits) When buying an older home it is best to consider everyday details that may have an impact on the convenience and ease in transferring to a new location. HVAC System is one thing that is used day [...]

Plumber’s Advice when buying an Older Home

Plumbing Systems Should Be Checked Ask about the plumbing fixtures and systems before signing the contract. (Photo Credits) Buying an older home comes with a set of challenges. Apart from deciding on the value, the design, as well as the details and locations – it is important to note some details that may impact [...]

HVAC and Portable Heaters

Why portable heaters can be useful too Portable heaters and the whole home heating system. (Photo Credits) Portable heaters are a joy to have especially when traveling in an RV or for when more warmth is needed. Caution though should be exercised when using it to ensure the safety of the whole household. [...]

Plumber’s Modern Sink Designs

Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Talk Much ado about sink designs. (Photo Credits) Sinks are an important fixture in any home, but it usually gets ignored, and forgotten until it becomes too dirty, or gets broken. Plumbing Association of San Diego   For property owners who are remodeling, or building a new home, there are a [...]

Growth forecast for HVAC Industry

What 2017 will bring HVAC Industry outlook for the year. (Photo Credits) The HVAC Industry players are being optimistic about the coming year. Yahoo Finance quotes a report indicating growth numbers. Plumbing Association of San Diego             “US Residential momentum for HVAC market continues, replacement rates accelerating - Replacement rates have steadily raised over the [...]

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