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Much ado about sink designs. (Photo Credits)

Sinks are an important fixture in any home, but it usually gets ignored, and forgotten until it becomes too dirty, or gets broken. Plumbing Association of San Diego  

For property owners who are remodeling, or building a new home, there are a lot of inspiring designs out there that could add beauty to any home.

The website of the publication Ideal Home shared some great sink designs in one of its posts.

“Industrial chic. ‘This stainless steel Belfast sink is the perfect blend of industrial meets rural living. Its classic shape, with an exposed front, is brought up to date with strong, hardwearing stainless steel that will continue to look great for years,’ says Kiran Noonan, Marketing Director, John Lewis of Hungerford. A simple monobloc mixer tap with minimalist lever handles completes the pared-back look.”

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Trends in Sink Design

Liv Space meantime shared a sink design trend that is making waves. A/C And HVAC 

“Trying to create a trendy, muted look for kitchen using a stylish play on material and texture? If yes, then the one piece kitchen countertop and sink might just be your cup of tea. Here, both the kitchen sink and the countertop are made from the same material, creating a smooth transition for a clean, seamless look. Also called integrated countertops and sinks, these are usually made from quartz, Corian or even stainless steel.”

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Countertop Resource also shared kitchen sink designs that are now in vogue.

“Stainless steel is still considered the mainstay of the modern kitchen sink. These sinks are affordable, and although they can scratch and thinner ones are more prone to being dented, they do so without damaging their functional integrity. Stainless is also very versatile and can complement a wide range of décor and interior styles.”

Check out the whole article here.

Property owners should indeed watch out for the latest trends in ink design.

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