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Entertaining Public Toilet Graffiti

Funny and Weird Bathroom Stall Graffiti What you read, leave it here. (Photo Credits)  Toilet Graffiti can be entertaining, annoying, or sometimes, borderline obnoxious. The website shared photos of 15 funny graffiti. Plumbing Association of San Diego       “Don't look here, the joke's in your hand!” Check out the photos here. Like, taking it [...]

Organizing the space Under your Kitchen Sink

What is below your kitchen sink? Is the space under your kitchen sink disorganized? (Photo Credits) Keeping the cabinet or the space below the kitchen sink can be tricky especially when the whole household gets busy. It is very easy to neglect especially if it is behind a closed cabinet. Tip Hero shared great [...]

Random Notes about the Toilet

Toilet Trivia What you should know about the toilet. (Photo Credits) The toilet is a daily part of everyone’s life, but not much trivia is known about this home fixture. for instance shared about who invented the modern flushable toilet. Plumbing Association of San Diego “The centerpiece of today’s modern bathroom, the flush [...]

Toilet Trends

All About Modern Toilets Modern Toilet Designs. (Photo Credits) Just like sinks and other plumbing fixtures, toilets also evolve as years go by. CBS News for instance gave its readers a closer look at a futuristic and very modern toilet. A/C And HVAC “Electronic toilets with push-button control panels, built-in bidets, seat warmers and [...]

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