All About Modern Toilets

Modern Toilet Designs. (Photo Credits)

Just like sinks and other plumbing fixtures, toilets also evolve as years go by.

CBS News for instance gave its readers a closer look at a futuristic and very modern toilet. A/C And HVAC

“Electronic toilets with push-button control panels, built-in bidets, seat warmers and even music or the sound of a babbling brook to accompany your ‘business’ have long been popular across much of Asia. Now, the technology — in a stripped-down form — is growing in popularity in washrooms stateside. They’re called washlets, and they’re basically bidets that install on top of a standard toilet. With a touch from a remote control, consumers can customize water pressure and settings for men and women.”

Check it out here.

Smart and Trendy

The website Orange County register also shared some new toilet designs in one of its posts. Plumbing Association of San Diego

“The smart toilets in the Pirch home showroom automatically lift their lids as shoppers approach. A touch of a pad can heat a cold seat, turn on a built-in bidet or even stream music – through a toilet’s speakers.”

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In Russia though, the Toilet Trend has arrived…in restaurants! The Daily Dot published a feature on a toilet themed restaurant that caught the fancy of locals and tourists alike.

“The Crazy Toilet Cafe, Moscow’s new bathroom-plumbing-themed restaurant, is the first of its kind in Europe. But, maybe unsurprisingly, it’s far from the first in the world. Apparently, people in Los Angeles, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines are all into eating out of toilets.”

Check out the whole article plus photos here.

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