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When to replace a garbage disposal unit

While garbage disposal units can last for more than 10 years, there are times when it needs replacement even before it reaches its end of life. Maintenance and usage come into play when assessing the overall condition of a garbage disposal unit. Diamond Ace Plumber San Diego When garbage disposal units fail, and a homeowner [...]

What objects are safe to flush in the toilet   

There are various paper products in the market today that describe themselves as “flushable,” but horror stories of sewer and toilet back-ups usually have these flushable wipes and paper products as the main culprits. So is it safe for households to flush, flushable wipes among other tissue-like products in the loo? Or is doing this [...]

The benefits of hiring an expert plumber

Hiring an expert plumber is not always within the option of financially constrained households. This is because most expert plumbing contractors charge expensively compared to amateur plumbers, and plumbing contractors that have only recently started their business. Experience after all is a necessity and advantage in the trade, hence most would incorporate that in their [...]

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