Common Injuries Sustained by Plumbers

Plumber Injuries
Antarctica: Plumbing Reflection

Plumbers are at great risk to certain injuries. (Photo Credits)

Every job has a considerable injury risk, and the plumbing profession is no exception.

The Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety detailed in its official webpage the health and injury risks that plumbers face. Plumbing Association of San Diego

“The main occupational hazards for plumbers […]

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Safe HVAC Use in an Elderly Home

Safe Home Heating
electric heater control closeup

Home heating and Safe HVAC use in an elderly home. (Photo Credits)

Safety during the winter is important especially for older property owners. They have a specific set of risks and vulnerabilities that are important to address in order to prevent heating injuries and home fires.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International came up with a […]

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