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Plumber’s advice on dealing with dirty water

What to do when faucet water is brown and murky What to do when brown water comes out of the faucet? (Photo Credits) Seeing brown and murky water flowing through one’s faucet can be troublesome for some homeowners. For one, it may mean that there is a need for piping replacement creating another expense, [...]

How to dispose old HVAC Units

Safely get rid of your worn out heating or air conditioning system How to properly dispose an old air conditioning unit. (Photo Credits) Like any home appliance, HVAC Units also have a lifespan. It gets worn-out with being used day in and day out so there really would come a time when it has [...]

Plumber’s Advice on Water Efficiency in the Bathroom

Conserving Water in the Bathroom The bathroom consumes a huge chunk of a household’s water usage. (Photo Credits) Conserving water in the bathroom can do a lot in terms of saving on water bills, and being friendlier to the environment. More and more households are getting conscious about this because water does not only [...]

HVAC Expert’s Advice on Reducing Heating Bills in the Bedroom

Lowering heating costs Efficient heating in the bedroom. (Photo Credits) Sleeping cold in the winter will never be a good idea. Apart from it being uncomfortable, it can lead to sickness for some individuals who may be sensitive about drops in temperature. The website This Old House says there are various ways to cut [...]

Plumber’s guide on water conservation in the kitchen

Saving water in the kitchen A lot of water can be saved in the kitchen. (Photo Credits) Being mindful of water use in the kitchen can help a lot in terms of lowering water bills at home. Apart from cutting down costs, conserving water helps the environment as water is a valuable resource. Apart [...]

Winterizing the HVAC System

Preparing for the Winter The winter months can be damaging to the HVAC System. (Photo Credits) The HVAC System, like any home fixture, will need to be prepped and protected from harsh weather conditions like the winter. A good way to prevent any damage is to winterize the HVAC System particularly the part of [...]

Plumber’s tips on conserving water in the garden

Saving water while gardening Making a home garden more energy efficient. (Photo Credits) Tending to a home garden can mean consuming more water. After all gardens demand a regular watering schedule for plants and trees, and require water as a cleaning tool as well. So how can households make their garden and landscaping more [...]

Asthma and the HVAC System

Can an HVAC System Trigger Asthma Symptoms? Asthmatic individuals suffer a lot due to indoor air quality. (Photo Credits) HVAC systems is a huge influence in indoor air quality, and for those with Asthma it could mean asthma triggers. The website Allergy Clean shared the findings of a study linking indoor air, the HVAC [...]

Plumber’s Guide in Installing Water Softeners

Step-by-Step Procedure Water softeners are a must for some locations. (Photo Credits) For property owners in hard-water areas, having a water softener is a must.  But how easy is it to own one, lest install and maintain? came up with an advice on where to install the softener, for households who will  be [...]

Plumber’s Guide in Installing a Faucet Filter

Home Filtration System Installing a residential water filter system. (Photo Credits) Families that need a cleaner and better tasting water from the public supply resort to installing water filtration system. While some homeowners just use a water filter for their drinking water, some families would rather have whole home filtration system to ensure that [...]

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