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Efficient heating in the bedroom. (Photo Credits)

Sleeping cold in the winter will never be a good idea. Apart from it being uncomfortable, it can lead to sickness for some individuals who may be sensitive about drops in temperature.

The website This Old House says there are various ways to cut down on heating costs around the home during the winter season. In one of its articles, it enumerated the ways to use heat more efficiently at home, particularly the bedroom. Plumbing Association of San Diego

“Add up all those overlooked cracks, gaps, and openings around your windows, doors, plumbing, and wiring, and you may find your house has a hole the size of a Mack truck. Seal it up, and you’ll save more than 10 percent on your heating bills. Start by caulking or weatherstripping around windows.”

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More heating conservation tips

Time.com also came up with an article discussing the lowering of heating bills during snow season. One of their advice is to bundle up. A/C And HVAC       

“Don’t shed that sweater when you get home. Instead, wear warm clothing inside and turn your thermostat down. You can save 5 percent on heating costs for every degree you drop your thermostat in the 60-degree to 70-degree range, according to the California Energy Commission’s Consumer Energy Center, which suggests a maximum setting of 68 degrees during the day. Unless you have a heat pump, consider cranking the thermostat setting down to 55 degrees when you’re sleeping or away from home for an extended period, as well.”

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Hometips.com shared five tips on lowering heating bills during the winter season. Last on their list is taking full advantage of the home heating system.

“If your home is heated with a forced-air system, have the system serviced regularly. Clean filters or replace them every month or two. Be sure air ducts are free from blockages and that they are properly sealed. A tremendous amount of heated air can be wasted if joints between heating ducts become disconnected. Also be sure that any ducts passing through unheated areas such as the crawlspace or attic are insulated.”

The rest of their advice can be found here.

Keeping the HVAC system well maintained especially in the onset of the winter season is another way to keep heating costs as bay. Consulting an HVAC professional can help determine whether there are repairs or maintenance work that needs to be done.

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